Helping 2 Overcome: Bill Fleming & Jill Gould

February 15th, 2017

Helping 2 Overcome:  Kevin Allen interviews Jill Gould a retired elementary school teacher and Bill Fleming a retired school counselor.

Jill and Bill are President and Vice President of the local Helping 2 Overcome organization. 

The Groups Mission:

To address the lack of support services available for at risk youth in Iosco County

H20 (Helping to Overcome) is made up of a group of concerned citizens who are parents, business owners, therapists, retired teachers, and social workers who are seeking ways to work with programs in place by offering the alternative options of team building, skill building, experiential therapy, mentoring, life skills, and general support for those young people who seem to fall between the cracks of the current system.

By creating hands on, adult-directed opportunities for troubled youth, we hope to intervene before more issues grow beyond our local ability to handle and service this population. Most of our seriously at risk youth population do not have adequate local support to meet their unique needs. These children are often placed far out of the county in order to obtain the type of in depth and sustained services they and their families need in order to be successful.


Contact Info:  Bill F,eming 989-329-6673

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